Devron Europe srl (bicycles distributor and OEM design), based in Rho (Mi), was born to take care all commercial activities of Eurosport DHS SA, a company founded in 1999 in Romania which soon became the leading manufacturer of bikes of Eastern Europe.

Three produced brands, Devron, DHS and Kreative meeting the needs of every budget and cyclist. Devron Europe portfolio include more than 130 models of bikes. The company produces Mountain Bikes, Touring Bikes, Cross Bikes, Road Bikes, Urban Bikes, City Bikes, Folding Bikes, Kids Bikes and E-bikes, guaranteeing CE and ISO9001 certifications.  More than 600 thousand produced bikes during the year. The 80% of the production is tailor made (OEM), dedicated to countries with high quality standards, such as Germany, Belgium and Holland.

The 70% of the production is focused on Electric bikes with five ranges: E-City Bikes, E-Mountain Bikes, E-Cross Bikes, E-Trekking Bikes and E-Folding Bikes.

Our E-bikes reach up to 5 speeds as pedal assistance and 10 shift levels. In addition to this, thanks to their aluminum frame, they are light and practical, allowing long walks or everyday use in the city, depending on the model chosen. The autonomy can range from 60 to 80 km/h, depending on the person’s weight, as well as speed and condition of the road. The speed limit is 25 Km/h, but downhill can reach up to 50 Km/h.

Devron Europe srl operates in over 20 countries, following principles like quality, design and technology.