No trail too long, no mountain too high and you will fill a new appreciation for mountain biking with this e-bike. Devron electric bicycles offer the versatility and go anywhere potential of a mountain bike, but with extra power when you need. If you choose cross e-bike you will get a reliable mid-motor pedal assist e-bike perfect for long and relaxed rides arounds the countryside. The mountain e-bikes’ features make them especially suitable for rocky mountain terrain, that would be impossible to overcome with a regular city e-bike.
Devron MTB & Cross e-bikes
are: Devron 27225, Devron 28163, Devron 28161, Devron 28162


Trekking e-bikes are the current world-wide trend! A trekking bike is a compromise between a mountain bike and a city bike, suitable especially for longer rides in slight terrain or on the road.  Thanks to the assisted pedalling function, you can choose the intensity of the pedalling in order to achieve optimal heart rate frequency for burning fat. Trekking e-bike can be helpful for a family trip, where the less athletic family members wouldn’t keep up with the rest on a classic bike.
Devron trekking e-bikes are: Devron 28024, Devron 28324, Devron 28126


Devron Europe pays specific attention to the city electric bikes. They will make you fall in love with whether is a daily commute across town or a more ambitious cross-country ride at the weekend. We wanted to develop a versatile affordable e-bike capable of bringing the electric drive technology within reach of everyone.  They are bikes suited for men and women who stop often while riding.
Devron city e-bikes are: Devron 28123, Devron 26122, Devron 26120, Devron 28329, Devron 28028, Devron 28022, Devron 28128, Devron 28121, Devron 28120, Devron X3, Corwin 28327, Corwin 28327G, Corwin 28326


Folding bikes are not as fast or smooth as a full-length bike, but are more versatile. You can bring them on public transport. In the Devron E-folding bicycle there is also an electric motor that allows you to get anywhere without effort.