City bikes are usually equipped with mudguards, a carrier, a chain cover and similar accessories. City bikes are generally suited for shorter rides through cities. Their design  is often made in elegant retro style

DHS city bikes are: Citadinne 8 series, Citadinne 6 series, Citadinne 4 series, Citadinne 3 series, Citadinne 2 series, Citadinne 1 series


Folding bikes are an ideal solution to those who want to take their bike everywhere. These bikes are be easily folded to considerably smaller size, usually for easier transport or storage. The folding system is usually based on a hinge (or hinges) on the frame. The design priority of all folding bikes is the simplicity of the folding mechanism

DHS folder bikes are Folding series


Mountain bikes with their strong frame are especially suitable for riding on more difficult terrain. If you often ride through difficult terrain, but also on roads, a mountain bike is a perfect fit for you.  The attractive design and sturdy steel frame make the Mountain Bike a popular bike. Thanks to its structure, the bike is perfect for terrain and paved-road riding.

DHS Mountain bikes are: Terrana 7 series, Terrana 5 series, Terrana 3 series, Terrana 2 series, Terrana FS series.


Junior bikes please every young rider, they will make happy any young lady or young men.

DHS junior bikes are Junior 5 series, Junior 3 series, Junior 1 series, Bmx series


DHS offers a variety of bikes for both boys and girls in various colours. These bikes are made for the youngest riders. The package always includes detachable training wheels.

DHS kids bikes are: Terrana 2021, Princess 2004, Princess 2002, Travel 2003, travel 2001, Duchess 1604, Duchess 1602, Speed 1603, Speed 1403, Speed 1401


Travel bike is a compromise between a mountain bike and a road bike. Unlike the mountain bike, the seat position of these bikes allows the rider a more vertical posture.

Thanks to their multi-purpose use, travel bikes have become one of the most popular bicycle types.

DHS travel bikes are: Travel 8 series, Travel 7 series, Travel 6 series, Travel 5 series, Travel 2 series, Travel 1 series


Cross Fitness Bikes are ideal for those who travel through mixed routes: urban and road rides. The wheels have a big diameter and the tire pattern is more universal for more sped on tarmac surfaces. If you plan on riding on less difficult terrain, Cross Fitness bike is an excellent choice for you.

DHS cross fitness bikes are: Contura 7 series, Contura 6 series, Contura 5 series, Contura 3 series


Urban bikes are a mix between road bikes and city bikes. These bikes are ideal for long distance and short rides. You can choose city design or cross design for your bicycle.

DHS urban bikes are Fixie series, Cruiser series.