The city are changing and the bicycle becomes a regular presence in urban areas. City bikes are easily recognizable by their single-tube frame and easy design.

City bikes are generally suited for shorter rides through cities and suited for riding on hard flat surfaces.

Devron city bikes are: Urbio C2.8, Urbio LC2.8, Urbio C1.8, Urbio LC1.8


Discover the philosophy behind the Devron cross bike, ready to deliver on and off the road, without sacrificing performance.

A cross bike is a compromise between a mountain bike and a road bike.

Devron cross bikes are: Urbio K3.8, Urbio K2.8, Urbio LK2.8


Accept the challenge to ride one Devron Mountain bikes, you will get not only a great ride, but the fun and delight that only ride in the heart of the nature con offer you.

Mountain bike is an advantage for cyclists who want to ride both in rough terrain and less difficult conditions surely appreciate.

Devron Mountain bikes are:  Zerga FS6.7, Riddle R7.9 , Riddle R7.7 , Riddle R6.9,  Riddle R6.7, Zerga D5.9, Zerga D5.7, Zerga D4.9, Zerga D4.7, Riddle H3.9, Riddle H3.7, Riddle H4.7 Plus, Riddle H2.9, Riddle H2.7, Riddle LH2.7, Riddle H1.9, Riddle H1.7, Riddle LH1.9, Riddle LH1.7, Riddle H0.9, Riddle LH0.9, Riddle LH0.7


Embrace the aerodynamics of Devron Road line, become one with your bike and unleash the racer within you.

Road bikes are suited mainly for riding on quality-surface roads and for sport activities.

Devron Road bikes are: Urbio R6.8, Urbio R4.8, Urbio R2.8


Find freedom and relaxation while touring on your two-wheeled vehicle towards your dream place. Pack your bags, warm up your legs and be ready to pedal amazing scenery.

Touring bikes are suitable for any surface and are the bikes for the rider looking for adventure.

Devron touring bikes are: Urbio T4.8, Urbio T2.8, Urbio T1.8, Urbio LT1.8


The urban cycling experience extends beyond function. You own a bike to make a lifestyle statement.  Devron urban bikes are strike the perfect balance between function, form and style.

Urban bikes are ready to face whatever surface the city is laying in front of you.

Devron urban bikes are: Urbio U2.8, Urbio U1.8, Urbio LU1.8, Urbio FX0.8, Urbio U2.6, Urbio LU2.6


Start at soon as possibile. Your children deserve a bicycle that will make them fall in love with cycling.

Kids bikes are fashionable, high-quality and thoroughly tested to ensure their safety.

Devron kids bikes are: Urbio U1 24, Urbio U1.20, Riddle H0 20, Riddle LH0 20