Devron Europe Srl official european bicycles factory and OEM design of the brands: Devron, Dhs and Kreative.

Devron Europe srl is the daughter of SC Eurosport DHS SA, a company founded in 1999 which soon became the leading manufacturer of bikes of Romania. The partnership with the German company Prophete GmbH has led to new investments, new products and new technologies. In a constantly changing market, Eurosport DHS SA remains consistent with its principles: quality, investment, development, technology, people, passion, tradition.




Devron Europe srl wants to offer a variety of models to suit all types of cyclists, occasional and amateur. Firstly the quality with an attractive design and a mix of modernity and tradition. People and their needs are at the center of product development. Devron Europe srl wants to reach all those distributors, retailers, fans who are looking for a brand synonymous of performance, technology and passion.

Which kind of BIKE are YOU?

We sell bikes and electric bikes dedicated to all lovers of two wheels with a varied offer (Mountain Bike, Touring, Cross, Road, Urban, City and Kids). If you are a distributor, reseller or a simple fan, this is the page for you.