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Devron Europe srl is the daughter of SC Eurosport DHS SA, a company founded in 1999 which soon became the leading manufacturer of bikes of Romania. The partnership with the German company Prophete GmbH has led to new investments, new products and new technologies. In a constantly changing market, Eurosport DHS SA remains consistent with its principles: quality, investment, development, technology, people, passion, tradition.


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Devron Europe srl  is focused on Electric bikes with five ranges: E-City BikesE-Mountain Bikes, E-Cross Bikes, E-Trekking Bikes and E-Folding Bikes.

Our E-bikes reach up to 5 speeds as pedal assistance and 10 shift levels. In addition to this, thanks to their aluminum frame, they are light and practical, allowing long walks or everyday use in the city, depending on the model chosen. The autonomy can range from 60 to 80 km/h, depending on the person’s weight, as well as speed and condition of the road. The speed limit is 25 Km/h, but downhill can reach up to 50 Km/h.


You can choose from over 200 bicycle models within the high quality brand such as Devron. Devron bikes are suitable for all cyclists who are looking for the best quality for their cycling experience. Within the Devron brand you can find city bikes, cross bikes, mountain bike, road bikes, tourism bikes, urban bikes, children bikes.
Inside the Devron models it is possible to find bicycles with 27 “and 29” wheels with a frame specially created for men and women. Almost all Devron bicycles have hydraulic brakes and Shimano shifter.
Top-quality components and careful production make the Devron brand the jewel of the bicycles sold by Devron Europe srl.


The DHS brand offers a wide range of good quality bicycles for all types of cyclists.
DHS offers bikes for the mountain bike enthusiast equipped with components at the top of the market. For those looking for a bike to get around town DHS offers a wide range of City and Urban Bikes. DHS has not forgotten the smaller cyclists, in fact within its offer you can find bicycles with wheels designed specifically for those who start the cycling adventure.
DHS bikes are characterized by the great variety of models and colors and the possibility of having frames dedicated to men and women.
Devron Europe Srl thanks to the DHS brand is able to offer the full range of bicycles for any cyclist, even the most demanding


The Kreativ brand is aimed at those who approach cycling for the first time and are looking for a quality bicycle.
Within Kreativ it is possible to find bicycles suitable for city routes such as the city bikes already equipped with a basket. The brand, however, does not forget those who want to have more performing bikes on country trails, offering mountain bikes and trekking bikes with high quality components.
Kreativ is aimed both at a male and female audience with bicycles from the dedicated frame.
Thanks to Kreativ, Devron Europe it is able to satisfy cyclists who are looking for good value for money.